Impala Blog 06 February 2019 1 min read

Impala at cOLLAPSe Slappy Fest 2018

Impala at cOLLAPSe Slappy Fest 2018

To celebrate its 7th anniversary, cOLLAPSe Skateboards built an 80's style park on location at Casino Hossegor (France) and held 5 best trick sessions for one day of absolute madness. Impala was along for the day, opening each session.

The Sporting Casino of Hossegor was literaly on fire. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun just like a proper skateboarding session should be.

The tech dudes were at ease on the picnic table and the fire hydrant obstacles, then the old schoolers had their time to shine on the red and yellow curbs as well as the launch ramp, slappies, tweaks, one foot... and even 540's !

The stoke level was already at its peak when the guys started hitting the wall. In the race for the highest ride, the 3 meters mark has been reached frontside and backside quite a few times but in the end George Poole went higher than everybody else with a 3,50 meters high ride.

It was then time to split the ramp and go for the long distance wall rides and long distance rides we've seen! 5.05 meters in between the quarter pipes was the last distance to be cleared by GP again. Check out the recap below and head HERE for more.


A Slappy Agency event and video production @collapseskateboards

Photos: Clement Le Gall @legallout