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Roller Skate Parts & Tools


Shop for roller skate parts & tools

Stoppers starting to wear down? Want to update your wheels? Shop online with Impala for roller skate parts and tools to put it all together. We offer replacement toe-stopperswheels, our signature Impala ABEC 7 Pink Bearings, and everything else you could need to customise or tune-up your Impala Roller Skates or Inline Skates.

Make your skates your own with custom parts

Skating is for everyone – and you can make your skates your own with your choice of parts for your favourite pair of Impala Skates. We offer our quad skate wheels and toe stops in a huge range of colours for you to customise your look.
Check out our pastel, holographic glitter, and solid colour wheels and toe-stops. And keep an eye out for our LED Light-up Wheels – perfect for the roller disco! Every wheel pack (including the Sky Blue and Pink inline wheel packs) come in a set of four. And you can quickly and easily change yours up with our Impala Skate T-Tool.


Skate Parts & Tools - FAQ's

How do I maintain roller skates?


Maintaining your skates doesn’t need to be a big task. If your bearings are running well, and your skates aren’t ‘pulling’ in one direction or another, you can definitely get away with some light cleaning with a damp cloth. The main things are to keep an eye on your bearings, bushings, stoppers, and wheels. If any of those need replacing, you can find them here online at Impala Skate AU.


How do I clean my roller skate bearings?


If you’re not riding through water and dirt, you won’t need to clean your bearings more than once every few months. If you’ve noticed that they seem to be running a little rough though, you’ll be able to find tutorials on YouTube. Our bearings are the same signature pink ABEC-7s across our inline skates, roller skates and skateboards, so if you find a process that works for you, stick with it!


How often should I change my roller skate wheels?


It depends! If you’re roller skating or inline skating every day, you’ll definitely wear your wheels down sooner. If you’re doing plenty of slides, you’ll also likely find flat spots on your wheels that will make your skates feel rough while riding. Keep an eye out for wear that affects how smooth or grippy your wheels are – and buy replacements here online when the time comes.